Turn Your Garden Japanese Episode 6 - Stones & Rocks

June 20, 2015

This episode of the 'Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast' is all about one of the most important elements in Japanese gardens and Japanese Zen gardens STONES & ROCKS.

If you have ever visited a Japanese garden you cannot have been failed to be impressed by their use, look and perhaps their meaning.
Stones and Rocks can be small, medium, large or VERY large - for example huge stones are often added to a garden design by crane and precisely placed at set angles and in keeping with Japanese garden tradition must always be in the same place.
I know of one famous Japanese garden where every year a specialist flies in from Kyoto to check that the positioning of certain large rocks have not moved - if they have then they have to be placed into their original position. Japanese gardens are precise nature.
If you would like a Japanese style garden then this short podcast will give you a really good grounding on what stones and rocks to use and WHY they are so important in Japanese gardens.
As Japanese gardening is nature in miniature please don't be putt off by the thought of getting a crane to put rocks in your yard or garden - you can use much smaller rocks and stones to great effect.

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