Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast Episode 5 - ZEN GARDENS

May 25, 2015

This episode of the 'Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast' is all about ZEN GARDENS sometimes in Western culture they are referred to as Japanese Rock Gardens.

In Japanese they are called KARESANSUI gardens and they are perhaps the most unique and certainly the eldest of Japanese garden styles. Their beginnings are deep rooted in Buddhism and they are a garden that is far more sparse in terms of ingredients than any other type of Japanese garden.
This audio podcast explains what they are. Their history. The ingredients of a Zen garden and WHY so many people maybe including yourself find them so calming and appealing to be near.


Around the world Japanese 'Zen' gardens are very popular and can be found at private homes, larger gardens, roof terraces and even in public places like office blocks or restaurants!
Once you have the basic knowledge then it is fairly easy to design and build your own Zen garden space at home or in your yard or garden AND they won't break the bank either! If you love Zen gardens imagine how much calmer and stress free life at home would be with your own calming Zen style space.

For immediate help on creating a Japanese garden at home including a major section on Zen gardens you can get started for the price of a beer or glass of wine right here at The Express Japanese Garden Club - help, inspiration and instructions on how to get your Japanese garden designed and built in very easy to understand steps!

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