Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast Episode 8 - Japanese Courtyard Gardens - Everything You Need To Know

October 8, 2015

This Episode of the 'Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast' is all about Japanese Courtyard Gardens.

Traditionally pretty small in size, they can be indoors or outdoors and have a history stretching back hundreds of years. Japanese Courtyard Gardens were some of the first types of gardens that Japanese people had at their homes. They were to celebrate nature in miniature and for viewing from many areas of a property.
Ingredients in the Courtyard garden are varied and include some of the elements that you would expect and maybe a few surprises.
Discover the beauty and amazing options available to you if you want a garden of this type.
We put together this podcast specifically for helping anyone interested in having their own Japanese garden and you will find quite a few to listen to on all aspects of Japanese gardens
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